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1.2 Building Program based on工期计划编制依据





3.1.1 Technical Preparation Works 技术准备工作

3.1.2 Material Preparation Works 物资准备工作

3.1.3 Construction corporation prepare 施工机具准备工作

3.1.4 Construction site preparations 施工现场准备工作

3.2.1 Plan Organization 计划编制形式

3.2.2Construction Matching Guarantee plan施工配套保证计划

3.3 Protection of people, money and material人、财、物的保障

3.4 the Cycle Diagram of the process guarantee 施工进度保证手段循环图

3.5 insurance provided by new technique and new skill新技术、工艺对工期的保证

3.5.1 measures on project progress and emergency work 工程形象进度及应急赶工措施

3.5.2 Projects left behind many planning process 4.1 工程落后赶工计划流程

4 measures on project progress and emergency work 工程形象进度及应急赶工措施

4.1 Projects left behind many planning process 4.1 工程落后赶工计划流程

4.2 The engineering working plan if behind schedule工程进度落后赶工计划




According to the tender documents, the works required for completion is scheduled to start in November 2011 and complete in April 2012. We will strictly follow the required schedule if we are awarded the project. The total duration including materials purchase, materials’ testing, The venue construction and the scope of works listed in the tender documents, all decoration and fitment works.


In order to ensure that the decoration and fitment of project to complete within the duration, we must be thorough and meticulous arrangements, the manpower and mechanical equipment, materials are reasonable plan and full use of various parts of the process of construction and put on a more compact. Therefore the control of the main role is in accordance with objective and organizational system, every part of the system of inspection to ensure the coordination of the overall objective. Its main task is :


(1) Check and Monitoring the actual progress 检查并掌握工程实际进度情况。

(2) Project actual progress comparison, analysis of the situation with the objectives of the program planning to advance or delay the main reason.


(3) Making decision on appropriate measures and remedies.


(4) Revise programs in time in order to complete on time.


1.2 Building Program based on工期计划编制依据

(1)Project Schedule as per tender document 招标文件中对工期、进度的要求。

(2)Our manpower, facilities, finance and work force.


(3)The actual site condition and contract period. 本工程场地、工序、工期的特点。

(4)Relevant criteria for the inspection and acceptance of construction materials, the rules.



Implementing the process plan enacted control, phased completion date objectives on completion date and dynamic management to ensure that stage aims to complete. Under construction, the key factors affecting the completion date appearing in analyzing the reasons in a timely manner, find a solution, and plans to carry out in a timely manner to adjust again in accordance with progress after the adjustment plan organized and implemented. So that construction in constant changes under the influence of the dynamics of the input of resources and unexpected factors, always be able to correct the completion date and control. This would allow guarantee the works complete on time. There are three stages of control: The preparation stage, indoor decoration construction stage plan, final completion stage.



(1)The preparation phase : according to the tender documents in regard to the duration of the project and combination of personnel, equipment and other situations, according to rational use of resources optimization arrangements for the project, itemized on the principle of establishment, considering the project construction, appropriate for the construction of the time is short and to ensure the project proceeded as soon as possible, during the construction of the project to clean up the works and construction workers in the arrangement for the work at the same time, in the early stages, if the management of Facilities to meet the time being used for the consideration by the office as the facilities of the solution to the owners through consultation and better we can use the facilities, we all the equipment to move our office block is the centralized and unified management. the preparation stage is the key to successful start, the work is a direct bearing on the duration of progress, our company will chose the most experience management staff and skilled worker from our company for the implementation of the project.


The prepare phase of the main work for the following aspects :


① Starting works and taking over site reports and related documentation works.


② The layout of water, electricity and communication supply plan


③ Material store and processed arrangement and the site clearing for works


④ Material purchasing, test and the first batch of material delivery.


⑤ Machine equipment delivery and testing 机械设备进场以及检修。

⑥ Project control and measurement, foundation checking reports


(2)Interior decoration construction stage 内装修施工阶段:本工程招标范围为:

Based on experience that renovation works are often the duration of the key factors. In the process within a reasonable plan has been considered, it is integrated construction, the contractors to the general plan construction of the organization to ensure the objectives of the original target.


(3)Project phase of the program draws on this plan :, the evaluation, including the temporary facilities and dismantling the field of the tidying up. the cleaning, and materials, equipment to withdraw heavy items. The construction stage key control points is the dismantling works and the reinforce structure works, the construction of the order to ensure that the whole project is on the premise for successful completion. To ensure the follow-up work according to the plan, the reinforce structure work must be smoothly process.

工程收尾阶段计划:根据本计划安排,该阶段主要包括通电试运行、临时设施的拆除、室内场地的最后清理,施工现场的清理恢复,人员、材料、设备的撤场等项目。 本工程施工阶段关键控制节点应为前期“拆除及结构加固施工阶段”,前期施工的有序进行是保证整个工程按期顺利完成的前提。只有结构加固工程的顺利进行,才能保证后续工程按计划进行插



Project control plan is on the construction plans to achieve progress, the principal premise that there is a science and progress of the project plan. in project implementation stage, the role of the plan for the project manager, the implications far beyond the control. For example, according to plan construction the progress in the management of assistance to command and coordination of manpower, material ; actual progress towards the opinion of the production conditions, mistakes, weather or the construction unit of the subjective factors, the effect of changes.


We fully realize the project with the duration of the owners’ interest and so we will guarantee the project quality, through the manpower, financial and material resources, and use the scientific management method and advanced equipment and reasonable distribution of resources to control the duration within the owners’ required schedule.


Decorated with the cross between the construction and engineering construction is the most acute contradiction, it crossed the great, complex, if improper, there will be a limit to one another, and destroy one another, and shift the odds. for this project, construction works do the work is affected the coordination of the project is a major factor, so the key to the conflict, the principle of :


2.1 And we will undertake the construction unit actively communication and mutual coordination and to undertake the project plan, must obey the overall progress of the process leading to the construction process, choosing reasonable opportunity to comment on the overall progress in a unified plan and arrangement and coordination, the entire project into a harmonious and efficient organic whole.


2.2 Understand each other responsibility and interest. 明确责任,正确划分利益关系。

2.3 Establishing a coordinated system, the various professional penetrations and construction of the problem is solved by coordination


2.4 From this project, the professionals in the overall contractor subcontracted to a unified management and co-ordination of the efforts to construction and help each other, understanding and to create conditions for the renovation work and pay attention to their protection on semi-finished goods.


2.5 Production Meeting: Project management called meeting with all party on production meetings to solve the problems and prepare for the next step of the production work ahead.



3.1 Pre-project preparation works作好进场前准备工作

In the tender stage, we have began to all preparation works , including project management team and staff and service, mechanical equipment, construction work arrangements, the organization and technological research and preferred solution, If the project is awarded, we will immediately organize personnel for the construction site, and start the site organization plan, make arrangement for site office facilities, water, electricity, documentation works and building program.


3.1.1 Technical Preparation Works 技术准备工作

(1)Properly review process preliminary design plan : Approach design units to remove any obstacles in advance for construction stage.


(2)To check the preliminary design of the buildings: review whether there is a contradiction, check the wall dimension, surface and level smooth etc.


(3)The division of the construction project, detailed itemized


3.1.2 Material Preparation Works 物资准备工作

According to plan construction project and schedule and with the structural budget and the budget of material consumption demand for goods and materials for the preparation work in the following procedure for the materials needed : → usage plan to sign the contract → organization supplies goods according to plan and safekeeping.


3.1.3 Construction corporation prepare 施工机具准备工作

According to plan construction project and schedule for the construction corporation prepare to plan, and usage in the organization to meet the needs of the engineering construction corporation and the number of trade.


3.1.4 Construction site preparations 施工现场准备工作

3.2 Set up perfect Project Assurance System 建立完善的计划保证体系

To set up a comprehensive Project Assurance System is the key to taking the initiative of site management, controlling the site production and ensuring the site process. The site process network diagram, which is the overall implementation plan, will be the macro-control in the plan system of this project. The specific executive schedule is divided into monthly, weekly and daily plan, and a lot more plans are derived, which include design progress plan, professional sub supplier and approaching plan, technique protection plan, business protection plan, material supply plan, quality test and control plan, security plan and logistics support plan. All these specific plans will feature the site program with clear steps, overall understanding and the continuance from beginning to end.


3.2.1 Plan Organization 计划编制形式

According to the practical multi-steps plan management system concluded by years of construction contract experience of our company, which is for the purpose of planning the order of construction and of making a clear overview of the construction schedule:


(1)First Level of Overall Control Scheme一级总体控制计划

State the phase object of each professional engineering and provide to the owner or owner representative, supervisor, designer and relevant contractor. This is the preliminary plan and is controlled by computer system, in order to supervise and dynamically manage the plan of each professional project plan.


(2)Second Level of process control plan二级进度控制计划

Take phase object of professional project as instruction, decompose into specific implementation steps and meet the requirements of the first level of overall control, in order to organize, manage and implement the project process.


(3)Third Level of process schedule三级进度计划

Based on the second level, this step decomposes the second level to a further degree and make plan for the assembly construction and intersection construction, which is in the formation of monthly report, provided to the owner representative, supervisor, designer and the professional site team workers, controlling the specific duration of each part of the assembly line. In this step, the plan will be provided a week earlier according to the actual project process, with the analysis of last month situation and the plan for next month arranged at the same time.


(4)weekly plan and daily plan周、日计划

This refers to the construction plan in the form of text and bar chart, which will be issued in the regular project meeting along with check, analysis and arrangement. The overall plan is ensured by the phase plan, likewise, the phase plan is ensured by monthly plan, the monthly plan is ensured by weekly plan, and the weekly plan is ensured by the daily plan. In this way, the schedule is divided into monthly, weekly and daily plan. All the management will use computer to give a strict dynamic management, so as to fulfill the exact expectation object and achieve the purpose of project progress control.

是以文本格式和横道图的形式表述作业计划,计划随工程例会下发,并进行检查、分析和计划安排。通过日计划确保周计划、周计划确保月计划、月计划确保阶段计划、阶段计划确保总体控制计划的控制手段,使阶段目标计划考核分解到每一日、每一周、每一月。 所有计划管理均采用计算机进行严格的动态管理,从而不折不扣地实现预期的进度目标,达到控


3.2.2、Construction Matching Guarantee plan施工配套保证计划

According to the above mentioned total construction schedule and the overall construction progress schedule, the key point to ensuring the implementation of the plan is completing the applicable supporting plans. Particularly in this project, since many professions have to be determined subcontract through tendering, it is essential to organize this supporting plan and doing work in accordance with the site plan. Otherwise, many jobs in this project will be influenced and even be delayed, which will lead to the delay of the deadline. The main parts of the supporting plan include:

(1)special construction project planning专项施工方案编制计划

This concerns the deadline of the construction scheme based on the construction organization design and the overall construction schedule. To follow the scheme and to emulate the sample are the two magic treasures of ensuring the schedule and quality, and through applicable construction scheme, we can establish a reasonable working procedure, effective construction and safety measures as well as quality control standard. Therefore, it can help us to further guide the construction site. All our preparation programs must first submit to supervision validation.


(2)qualified professional construction team program合格专业施工队计划

This plan requires the signing of the contract and approaching time schedule of the essential material supplier and the professional working team entrusted by the construction entity before the start of the construction. As the project construction period is 93 days, with each professional team synchronously interspersed, we have a tight time limit and a heavy duty. Thus the selection of sub supplier and professional construction team is very important. In this plan, requirement on the invitation, quality review, investigation, report review and the contract duration has been fully reflected. After approaching, we will establish the relevant supporting plan according to the plan of each sub supplier and professional construction team.


3.3、Protection of people, money and material人、财、物的保障

3.3.1、We will appoint the department of project management, which is composed of excellent project manager with great project contract experience and professional technical worker, to meet the needs of the project to the greatest extent. Our company headquarters obtain construction guarantee ability provided by specialized companies, apart from the fully service and control over the project. Additionally, we have the experience and ability of assembling and combining social resources.


One of the basic conditions that ensure the project be finished on schedule is to use a construction team with good reputation and high quality. Our company selects the construction team that has been cooperating with our company for a long time and has a strong management skill and technical quality. In addition, the construction team will be strictly supervised by our company in order to ensure the implementation of the project.



3.3.2、We have great credit, financial status and contractual capacity, as well as rich experience and level in project planning, management, organization, coordination, implementation and control. We use the special fund method in this project, a method that belongs to a management and operation mode, which has been approval by the owners and users for many years.


(1)Collect engineering fee reasonably合理收取工程款

Strictly observe the terms of payment in accordance with the relevant provisions required to provide the necessary payments based on, the owners and supervision of the audit work engineers. the statistics on the basis of seeking truth from facts, not overestimate his work, to design changes to increase the workload of seeking truth from facts, the supervising engineers, the examining the audit, on the basis of the settlement price.


(2)Use engineering fee reasonably合理使用工程款

① Ensure that the project funds are used to work well is the precondition to a smooth project process. With respect to this point, the special fund for project is 100% invested in the project and will never be occupied by the company.


② Scratched on the basis for the job, not because of poor planning by the funds and supplies caused arrears could play an effective control of materials costs. this use

is made use of resources.在抓计划的基础上做好调度工作,决不因计划不周导致物资积压,使


责任体 Responsibility

3.3.3、 I companies through many years of cooperation , selected many qualified labor subcontracting team , have gradually adapting my company’s overall management and obey me the overall deployment , will play a major role in this project contracting .


3.3.4、 I have a powerful construction machinery and equipment resources, including categories, performance of all kinds of construction machinery equipment, measuring equipment, testing the equipment to meet the needs of the large complex project.


3.4、the Cycle Diagram of the process guarantee 施工进度保证手段循环图

3.5、insurance provided by new technique and new skill新技术、工艺对工期的保证

3.5.1、compose targeted construction organization design and construction scheme


To follow the scheme and to emulate the sample is the character of our company in managing construction. We will make detailed, targeted and applicable scheme with the latest techniques according to the compiling plan. In this way, we will accomplish the command of construction technology and quality standard by the management and the operation department, and make sure that the project will be successfully be finished in time.


3.5.2 the widely use of new technology, new materials and new skills


The construction of the advanced techniques and technology program is the guarantee of success. Our company on the project advanced features and difficulty in the construction of the technologies, processes, materials and implement and computer technology and advanced management, improve the speed and shorten the duration, thereby guaranteeing that various stages of completion goals and objectives.


The ceramic tile for the wall, the stone material for the floor and the wall and the suspended ceiling are all the mature and advanced inside decoration method, resulting in a perfect decoration effect. During the construction, we will send professional technical engineer to give instructions on the construction site, to ensure the decoration effect and the quality of the project.


4、measures on project progress and emergency work 工程形象进度及应急赶工措施

According to our project construction schedule, for better control of this engineering construction project was completed on time, ensure that progress, during construction key part of the construction progress of control is vital, for this project, we formulated the project profile control scheme to facilitate our construction project management and ensure that the duration.


4.1 Projects left behind many planning process 4.1 工程落后赶工计划流程

4.2 The engineering working plan if behind schedule工程进度落后赶工计划